Hello! This is like my third or fourth time writing an About Page (I had an old blog) so I’m gonna try run over this real quick. When I initially started this blog over a year ago I really didn’t have a proper “ideology”, I was an ugly mishmash of Left-Liberalism, Social Democracy and some Marxism and Anarchism. From then on I started reading more Chomsky and became an Anarchist. However despite this my Anarchism was still fundamentally Liberal as Chomsky is essentially a Radical Liberal so it took a mixture of classical and modern anarchist writers (Kropotkin, Malatesta, Bookchin, Goldman etc) till I became a proper Anarchist. However, although I remain quite fond of Anarcho-Communism I started to realise I’d switched to the methodological framework of Marxism, reading and taking more influence from Marxists (and Marx) than Anarchism. At this point my theoretical backing was Marxism but practically I remained an Anarchist. This lasted maybe two days as I read more Left Communists and realised this provided a better- for me, at least- philosophy than Marxian Anarchism. Fundamental to this transformation was a few Mattick and Pannekoek essays, but more importantly the blogger Cthulhu Communism (then Eldritch-Universalism) and realising Amadeo Bordiga wasn’t a total Leninist bastard. This was solidified with the readings of the French Ultra-Leftist and Communisation theorist Gilles Dauvé, who provided a superior critique of exchange value and work than Anarchism and previous Left Communists.

So that’s where I am currently in terms of my political philosophy. I’m comfortable referring to myself as a Left Communist, Ultra-Leftist and, of course, Marxist. I’m very sympathetic to Communisation theory but wouldn’t call myself a Communiser, as I am also increasingly becoming comfortable with advocating some form of Bordigist organically centralist party, albeit with far less Leninism and more influence from Council Communism and Anarcho-Communism. In terms of theory I like to use the dialectical method of analysis (although I admit it’s something I’m still getting used to) and the materialist conception of history. I do take quite a bit of influence from the young Marx, especially philosophical ideas such as alienation, and the critique of labour in The German Ideology. Capital is still his most important work, though. There are some areas of Marxism where I’m generally ambivalent, mainly in reference to decentralism and centralism, where my feelings are contradictory (dialecticallyso), though most importantly I believe we should wait to see what form any potential revolution takes and then support it as far as we’re comfortable with. Like the majority of Left Communists my emphasis is in the destruction of exchange value, which is where I had my biggest disagreement with Anarchism which generally strives towards a generalised workers-self management*. I don’t believe revolution is inevitable but am determinist insofar as I believe it will be caused mainly be the proletariat gaining class consciousness through the contradictions present in Capitalism, rather than propaganda and activism.

But hey, outside of the politics my name is John Murdoch and I’m a student in Scotland, hoping to become another communist academic! I will soon be doing Social Sciences, where I hope to be able to use dialectics in an essay. I’m a big fan of movies, books and music.

A small list of influences would include Karl Marx, Gilles Dauvé, Amadeo Bordiga, Paul Mattick, Peter Kropotkin, Errico Malatesta, Maurice Brinton, various left communist blogs and bloggers, Aufheben, Endnotes, Karl Korsch, Jacques Camatte, Georg Lukács, Loren Goldner, Martin Glaberman, Erich Fromm, Cyril Smith, The Situationists, Otto Ruhle, Rosa Luxemburg and Anton Pannekoek.

*there are anti-work anarchists, I just feel the position is more consistent with Left Communism.

I used to run devoutsocialist.wordpress.com

I have a twitter on which i post fairly regularly: https://twitter.com/foolcommunism


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