Anarchism and Workers Self-Management

I am no critic of Anarchism, despite my Marxist Left Communism I generally find Anarchism to be one of the easier tendencies on the left to relate to. However, there is a frustrating inability of Anarchism- or at least Orthodox Anarchism- to move beyond the notion of Workers Self-Management as being Socialism. Thus you have […]

Towards a Theory of Organic Vanguardism

The idea of the Vanguard Party is one of great controversy within the broad Socialist movement, with Anarchists like Iain McKay critiquing it1, and council communists like Otto Rühle going as far as to compare the entire Bolshevik mode of organisation to fascism.2 Most associated with Orthodox Leninism and heavily critiqued by Anarchists, it is […]

How I Became a Left Communist

I’ve considered myself some from of leftist since about the age of 14 or so. However, about seven months ago I became an Anarchist. This may sound like a short time but it had quite an influence on me. This was after maybe half a year of experimenting and flirting with other ideologies, of which […]

A short re-introduction

Hey, I used to run the devoutsocialist blog! I’ve changed over for two reasons. 1,  I really grew to hate the name devout socialist and 2, I….uh…forgot my account information. Anyway, those familiar with my prior blog will know I don’t update that often. That’s likely to continue, though I hope that what I do […]